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Regina Tuzzolino: Writing Samples and Web Content

Thank you for your interest in my SEO content, copywriting, editing, and product marketing services. My writing samples on this page reflect each client's distinct goal, brand voice, and target audience.

Press Release:



Image from a press release for britbox-loginradius.



LoginRadius to Power BritBox Streaming Service

Vancouver’s LoginRadius and its Identity Platform will power the global streaming service, BritBox.

BritBox is a partnership between the BBC and ITV—the UK’s largest public and private broadcasters, respectively.

BritBox’s much-anticipated Netflix-style streaming service will house the biggest collection of British TV and content in a single place, with exclusive content and programming for its customers. Read more here...

Thought Leadership:



Thought Leadership advice on passwordless authentication.



Passwordless Authentication: The Future of Identity and Security

When it comes to online security, the battle cry among experts lately is: “The future is passwordless!” So, why is passwordless authentication so important?

Simple. Passwords are just too easy to guess, hack, or intercept. What’s more, the legacy of password reuse is leading to constant attack and account vulnerabilities.

However, modern-day passwordless authentication goes beyond the use of password and username credentials. The obvious benefit of passwordless methods is the prevention of social media attacks and phishing scams, among other cybersecurity concerns. Read more here...


Product Marketing:



Thought Leadership article comparing two types of identity management software platforms.


Why LoginRadius Is the Best Akamai Identity Cloud (Janrain) Alternative

In January of 2019, Akamai acquired Janrain and rebranded its CIAM solution as “Identity Cloud,” a platform designed to improve security access controls and identity management. Before the purchase price was revealed, Forrester predicted it would be in the $250M–$275M range (based on an estimation of Janrain’s annual revenue). In reality, the sale price was $125Mroughly half of Forrester’s estimate. Since then, perhaps in response to the Janrain acquisition, customers have reached out to LoginRadius seeking a Janrain alternative. Here’s what they told us. Read more here...



Press Release:


Illustration of an internet cloud network.


LoginRadius Joins Cloud Security Alliance. 

Acclaimed cybersecurity leader shares commitment to advancing cloud security and building trust.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, October 15, 2019 — LoginRadius, a cloud-based cybersecurity leader, is proud to announce their membership with Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). CSA is a not-for-profit organization that attracts a diverse and extensive network of 80,000 cybersecurity experts. CSA’s activities, knowledge, and global platform provide members with tools for creating and maintaining a robust and trusted cloud ecosystem.

“CSA is a think tank for the most innovative cloud-security experts in the world, such as Symantec and Microsoft,” said LoginRadius CTO and co-founder Deepak Gupta. “We’re excited to share our expertise in security technology with other industry leaders, especially when it comes to improving user best practices for security.” Read more here...



Copy and Video:


Video content creator and blog writer for



How to set up event booking with WordPress in 6 steps

Have you ever wanted to create an online store or event booking calendar in WordPress but didn’t know where to start? Do you want to know the best way to manage online events and an eCommerce website? If so, this guide is for you. You’ll learn step by step how to use The Events Calendar Pro and Event Tickets for online scheduling and event booking with WordPress. In addition, I’ll show you how to set up WooCommerce with Event Tickets Plus so you can sell products, too.

The best part? It’s fast and easy—no coding required. Read more here...



Product Marketing:
WP Rocket


Pagebreak Instructional copy, guest blog, SEO Content Marketing



SEO Tips 2017: How to Rank Higher on Google Search

Step #4: Engagement Leads to Commitment

Another one of Google’s Top Ranking Factors is Dwell Time. What’s that?

Think of it this way: Just like real life, your website must not only attract a reader, it must keep them around. That’s why, as with all relationships, remember that…

Nothing pushes people away faster than trickery.

So it should come as no surprise that SEO trickery is something Google penalizes.

If you’re suddenly feeling guilty, fear not. Here are easy ways to correct the most common mistakes.

  • Keyword stuffing. Don’t. Just don’t. Choose only a few words for any given subject. Here’s a free keyword search site to help you do just that. (For more info on relative keywords, refer to Step #3.)
  • Ad-centric, affiliate-centric sites with duplicate or computer-generated content. If you’re monetizing your site with random or hidden affiliates and your ads are “above the fold”, go back to Step #5. Your brand should always provide helpful, relevant content, first and foremost.
  • EMD or Exact Match Domains. Google hates EMDs, so think twice about a domain name like “”, okay? Read more here...



Customer-Centric Articles:


best stock photography: diverse, global people



Finding the Best Stock Photos for Diversity Marketing

Whether you’re a home-spun blogger or big marketing agency, you share a common goal: finding the best high-resolution stock photos for your work. And now that diversity marketing is finally the norm, not the exception, you should be sourcing inclusive imagery. Here's where to look.

In these 4 sources, you'll find diverse global people in a variety of settings, for any marketing angle. Most shots are composed perfectly for banner ad text. And many are free or just as affordable as Shutterstock. What's wrong with just using Shutterstock, you ask...? Read more here...



Timely Articles:
R.O.S.E. Clothing


human trafficking survivor



Ending Human Trafficking 

Tools for Awareness, Prevention, and Empowerment

Please note: While this blog is a proactive call-to-action and does not give disturbing details, be advised that the subject matter may not be suitable for everyone. Read more here...


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