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Regina Tuzzolino: Writing Samples and Web Content

Thank you for your interest in my copywriting, SEO content, and marketing services. Each writing sample on this page reflects the client's marketing goals, distinct brand voice, and target audience.


Corporate Communications:


Sample: Branding and Communications


Hannu Rauma, Marketing Director for PerfectLensWorld, explains: "i-Optex is part of our continued commitment to delighting our customers and putting their needs first. We're certain that the convenience and value of i-Optex online prescriptions will make eye health more accessible to all."

About PerfectLensWorld

Aside from saving customers money, our focus is making the transition to wearing contact lenses seamless. That's why we've made ordering online easy, with i-Optex, or any valid prescription. From there, we pick, pack, and ship your contact lenses right to your doorstep. Customers also appreciate our new Free Returns policy and our friendly Customer Success Agents. Read more here...



Videos and Instructional Copy:


Video content creator and blog writer for

Sample: Videos and How-to Guides



How to set up event booking with WordPress in 6 steps

Have you ever wanted to create an online store or event booking calendar in WordPress but didn’t know where to start? Do you want to know the best way to manage online events and an eCommerce website? If so, this guide is for you. You’ll learn step by step how to use The Events Calendar Pro and Event Tickets for online scheduling and event booking with WordPress. In addition, I’ll show you how to set up WooCommerce with Event Tickets Plus so you can sell products, too.

The best part? It’s fast and easy — no coding required. Read more here...



Promotional Blogs:


Diverse friends take instagrammable travel selfie.

Referral program info inside a travel/beauty blog



10 Travel Eye Care Tips to Look Better in Photos

Ah, Summertime! It brings all the photo ops. But you can’t look your best (let alone, be Instagrammable) with red, puffy eyes. Want to know how to fix that? We all do!

That’s why we made this travel eye care blog. In it, you’ll find easy beauty tricks to prevent puffy, red eyes so your photos are truly Instagrammable. Especially important if you’ve got a hot trip to Vegas planned, am I right?

How to Look Better in Photos and Be Instagrammable

Traveling for work or play can take its toll on your eyes. In no time, that dry, recirculated air in planes and hotels induce red, puffy eyes. If your photos look “tired” no matter how great you feel, we want to change that. Here, you’ll find easy beauty tips to look better in photos. Because these days, with so much social sharing for work and play, it pays to “be Instagrammable”!

Let’s start with Eye Health 101. If you aren’t doing these healthcare basics, all the tricks in the world won’t help you. The good news is, they’re super easy to do!

Read more here...



SaaS Marketing Blog:
WP Rocket


Pagebreak Instructional copy, guest blog, SEO Content Marketing

Sample: Instructional Blog for a WordPress Plugin



SEO Tips 2017: How to Rank Higher on Google Search

Step #4: Engagement Leads to Commitment

Another one of Google’s Top Ranking Factors is Dwell Time. What’s that?

Think of it this way: Just like real life, your website must not only attract a reader, it must keep them around. That’s why, as with all relationships, remember that…

Nothing pushes people away faster than trickery.

So it should come as no surprise that SEO trickery is something Google penalizes.

If you’re suddenly feeling guilty, fear not. Along with this list of offences are easy ways to correct them. Let’s get started…

  • Keyword stuffing: Don’t. Just don’t. Choose only a few words for any given subject. Here’s a free keyword search site to help you do just that. (For more info on relative keywords, refer to Step #3.)
  • Ad-centric, affiliate-centric sites with duplicate or computer generated content. If you’re monetizing your site with random or hidden affiliates and your ads are “above the fold”, go back to Step #5. Your brand should always provide helpful, relevant content, first and foremost.
  • EMD or Exact Match Domains: This has always appeared cheesy, but until now, people loved this fast and dirty trick. Today, think twice about a domain name like “”, okay? Here’s a site that lists EMD Best PracticesRead more here...



Timely On-Brand Article:


best stock photography: diverse, global people

Sample: LinkedIn Article for Diversity Marketing



Finding the Best Stock Photos for Diversity Marketing

Whether you’re a home-spun blogger or big marketing agency, you share a common goal: finding the best high-resolution stock photos for your work. And now that diversity marketing is finally the norm, not the exception, you should be sourcing inclusive imagery. Here's where to look.

In these 4 sources, you'll find diverse global people in a variety of settings, for any marketing angle. Most shots are composed perfectly for banner ad text. And many are free or just as affordable as Shutterstock. What's wrong with just using Shutterstock, you ask...? Read more here...



Timely On-Brand Article:
R.O.S.E. Clothing


human trafficking survivor

Sample: Article during Human Trafficking Month



Ending Human Trafficking 

Tools for Awareness, Prevention, and Empowerment

Please note: While this blog is a proactive call-to-action and does not give disturbing details, be advised that the subject matter may not be suitable for everyone.

 Read more here...

More Writing Samples

I built this site to demonstrate how I integrate web copy with UX design. For more examples of web copy and brand development, visit my portfolio page. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

— Regina Tuzzolino —

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