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Recent projects: Content design and copywriting


SEO content

Conversion copy, SEO content, UX copy, and design direction for software and e-commerce companies.

User interfaces

UX copy: User console

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Nimble Studio console landing page welcome.

About this project:

I was the sole UX writer for the Nimble Studio console, an interface for creating and managing a cloud studio in AWS. From August 2020-August 2021, I wrote microcontent, help panel content, and clear, concise user steps. I also created style guidelines and worked closely with designers and engineers to solve customer pain points.

Content design: Landing page


Web copy, content design, UX copy on landing page.

About this project:

As a copywriter with a design background, I specialize in concise UX copy and design direction. For this software company, I led the concept, typography, and layout for this product marketing web page.

Social media: Campaign strategy


Facebook contest, social media campaign.

About this project:

This loyalty program strategy included multichannel marketing (email, social media, blogs) that I ideated and wrote. Each month, viewers could win a prize by joining our referral program, using our hashtags, and sharing our posts. This strategy tripled customer engagement by giving the brand a fresh, new voice.

UX copy: Text-design integration


Concise web copy, UX, content design.

About this project:

For these video "quotes", I distilled lengthy, detailed testimonials into concise, impactful UX copy. I also created the brand's tone of voice, value propositions, and UX copy on the website's CTAs and banners.

Instructional design: On-page SEO

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Search result (SERPs) after S.E.O. shows top featured snippet.

About this project:

I created internal learning content about improving SEO and usability for AWS Docs. As an editor, I also "makeover" docs. Various search results for this SEO makeover page rank it as a Google featured snippet, rich snippet, and the #1 spot.

Printed ads: Design direction + copy

Art Direction and copywriting on printed Ads, using a meme concept.

About this project:

I directed the design and wrote the copy for this 3-poster ad campaign that I ideated. For visual impact, I chose a bold, minimal palette and used meme titles to suit the college campus audience.

Marketing: Conversion copy


Conversion Copy for SaaS Company.

(Top) Landing page + (Bottom) Google ads

Conversion copy ad about passwordless login,

About this project:

For this multichannel marketing campaign, I wrote conversion copy and directed design for an Unbounce landing page and Google ads. In addition, I wrote email copy and social media ads, edited a related WordPress blog, and optimized it for SEO.

Content design: Concept + UX writing


Art Direction on web banner showing puppy and football for puppy bowl.

About this project:

I conceptualized, wrote conversion copy, and directed the design for this successful Puppy Bowl/Super Bowl digital ad campaign. 

Conversion copy: Ads + promos


Healthy, diverse women smiling for Women's Day promotional.
Concept and Copywriting

About this project:

To promote this Women's Day sale, I chose self-care as a theme to link health with empowerment. I conceptualized the messaging, wrote the conversion copy, and advised on typography and colour.

SEO content: Taglines + web copy

Web Copy and Taglines for web designer.

About this project:

Web developers and design agencies come to me for SEO copywriting that fits their designs. For this UK client, I crafted concise, SEO web content that flows naturally and conveys the value proposition.

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