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Ad Banner: Art Direction + Copy


ad banner puppy bowl MVP super bowl ad

About This Project:

I conceptualized, directed the design, and wrote the ad copy for this successful Puppy Bowl/Super Bowl CTA Banner and Digital Ad Campaign. 

Guest Blogs: How-To Guides + Videos

Video content creator and blog writer for

About This Project:

As a WordPress Designer, I'm often asked to create technical copy and how-to videos for clients. For, I created videos and a step-by-step guide to building e-commerce stores and event booking calendars.

Ad Campaigns: Art Direction + Copy

Regina Tuzzolino Art Direction, Advertisement Copy, Concept

About This Project:

I conceptualized the copy and designs for this 3-poster ad campaign. For visual impact on small formats, I chose a bold, minimal palette. I also used relatable meme titles to suit the college campus audience.

Brand Development: Marketing + Content

Perfect friends referral rewards web page screenshot

About This Project:

For PerfectLens, I developed the branding for their new referral program. My work included creating the brand name, taglines, instructional copyUX copy, and automated emails. To promote the program, I also selected photos, wrote newsletters, ad copy, and blogs. Due to its success, I was asked to develop branding for 3 more referral programs.

CTA Copy: Ads + Promos


Women's Day Copywriting: Self Care healthy Women smiling
Concept and Copywriting

About This Project:

For this contact lens store, I wrote web copy and designed its layout and colour to enhance the popup's design. As it was a Women's Day promotional, I chose self-care as a theme and device to link eye health with empowerment.  

Content Marketing: Authoritative Articles

Pagebreak Instructional copy, guest blog
Technical Blog

About This Project:

For this tech company's blog, I was asked to write instructional copy using a conversational and humorous tone. I kept the cadence brisk while providing timely information about SEO and website optimization.

Web Content: Brand Slogans + Web Copy

Pagebreak: Website Brand Copywriting

About This Project:

Web Developers and Design Agencies come to me for SEO Copywriting that "custom-fits" their designs. For this UK client, I helped pinpoint the brand voice and core message. Then I crafted concise, keyword-rich web content that flows naturally and logically within the website's design.

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