Web Design + SEO Copywriting + Content Marketing


Web Design + SEO Copy + Content Marketing


Web Content:Brand Slogans + Web Copy

Pagebreak: Website Brand Copywriting

About This Project:

Web Developers and Design Agencies come to me for SEO Copywriting that "custom-fits" their designs. For this UK client, I interviewed the designer to pinpoint the brand's voice and strengths. Then I crafted concise, keyword-rich Web Content that flows naturally within the site's design.

Guest Blogs:Instructional Copy

Pagebreak Instructional copy, guest blog

About This Project:

For this tech company's blog, I was asked to write instructional copy using a conversational and humorous tone. I kept the cadence brisk while providing timely information about SEO and website optimization.

E-Commerce:Web Design + Copy Edits

Flower Therapy Nite

Web Consultation, Development, Instructional Videos, Copy Edits

About This Project:

Created online booking calendars, E-commerce tickets, and Email campaigns for this event website. Advised on photo composition, brand taglines, and made SEO copy edits.

Marketing Content:Timely Articles

About This Project:

For R.O.S.E. Clothing, I crafted brand storytelling that links the company's ethical practices with timely articles about gender equality. 

Web Content:Web Design + SEO Copywriting


About This Project:

For this client's first website, she needed a full Web Content Package on a budget. Pagebreak designed her responsive website with optimized photos and included original Web Copy, taglines, and Yoast SEO.

Website Makeover:Web Content + Design + Copy

Slide to View Before/After

About This Project:

Originally, had jarring colours and lacked a user-friendly hierarchy. For this Website Makeover, I designed a soothing, minimal layout and wrote uplifting copy and blog posts in keeping with the brand's message. In addition, I provided photos that showcase integrity, inclusiveness, hope, and healing.


Website Makeover:Web Content + Design + Copy

T-Squared Vancouver

Slide to View Before/After

About This Project:

Since T-Squared is a fitness brand, this Website Makeover features a one-page responsive website with informative, kinetic content. For the banner, I edited a video of their signature workout. I also added online booking, and wrote original marketing slogans and blog posts.


Web Content + On-Page SEO

Original Content

Digital Media

Gifs, Photography, Photoshop, Video and Scripts: My associates and I create web content that audiences love.

SEO Copywriting

Brand Integrity

Increase SEO and brand image with authoritative blogs and cross-pollinating articles on LinkedIn, and Medium.

Social Media


Gain loyalty with timely engagement on Google +, Instagram and Inselly store, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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