SEO Copywriting + Marketing + Brand Direction


SEO Copywriting + Marketing


Guest Blogs: How-To Guides + Videos

Video content creator and blog writer for

About This Project:

As a WordPress user, I'm often asked to create technical copy and how-to videos for clients. For, I created videos and a step-by-step guide to building e-commerce stores and event booking calendars. 

Brand Development: Marketing + Content

Perfect friends referral rewards web page screenshot

About This Project:

For this company's referral program, PerfectFriends, I was in charge of creating the brand tone, brand name, and taglines. In addition, I wrote UX copy for landing pages and audited the UX/UI to improve the registration process. As the senior copywriter, I also wrote ad copy, selected photos for campaigns, and wrote "how-to" guides, newsletters, and blogs.

Web Content: Brand Slogans + Web Copy

Pagebreak: Website Brand Copywriting

About This Project:

Web Developers and Design Agencies come to me for SEO Copywriting that "custom-fits" their designs. For this UK client, I interviewed the designer to pinpoint the brand's voice and core message. Then I crafted concise, keyword-rich Web Content that flows naturally and logically within the website's design.

E-Commerce: Web Design + Copy Edits

Flower Therapy Nite

Web Consultation, Development, Instructional Videos, Copy Edits

About This Project:

For this celebrated author and event planner, I created a website featuring an online booking calendar, e-commerce ticket purchasing, and automated email campaigns. Plus, as a designer, and web developer, I advised on photo composition before the shoot, which saved my client time and money. In addition, I wrote brand taglines, product descriptions, and optimized photos and copy for SEO.

Guest Blogs: Instructional Copy

Pagebreak Instructional copy, guest blog
Technical Blog

About This Project:

For this tech company's blog, I was asked to write instructional copy using a conversational and humorous tone. I kept the cadence brisk while providing timely information about SEO and website optimization.

Marketing Content: Timely Articles

Blog from R.O.S.E. Clothing

About This Project:

For R.O.S.E. Clothing, I crafted brand storytelling that links the company's ethical practices with timely articles about gender equality. This promoted their latest clothing collection, while still providing the reader and Google Search with valuable content.

Web Content: Web Design + SEO Copywriting

Web Design and Copy
Web Design and Copy

About This Project:

For this client's first website, she needed a full Web Content Package on a budget. Pagebreak designed her responsive website with optimized photos and included original Web Copy, taglines, and Yoast SEO.

Website Makeover: Web Content + Design + Copy

Slide to View Before/After

About This Project:

Originally, had jarring colours and lacked a user-friendly hierarchy. For this Website Makeover, I designed a soothing, minimal layout and wrote uplifting copy and blog posts in keeping with the brand's message. In addition, I provided photos that showcase integrity, inclusivity, hope, and healing.


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