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Are you searching for valuable, yet shareable content? Need beautiful Stock Photography for diversity marketing and website banners? Then welcome to Freesources: your free online resources library.

Freesources provides how-to guides on Website Security, SEO, Design, and WordPress Website Optimization. Content Creators will also find links to free video and Stock Photography for diversity marketing.

How Freesources Works

Similar to Creative Commons, everything is Royalty-free, as long as you credit the sources and link to them. If you already know how this works, click here to see the Shareable Content.

If you're new to using Creative Commons, simply follow these steps:

  • On Freesources: Copy the website URL link of the content you're sharing
  • On your page: Type the name of the Freesource contributor
  • Paste the website URL as a hyperlink within the name you've typed

Easy, right? Just remember: In order to continue providing great content, Content Creators rely on attribution, links to their work, and your patronage. Taking anything without permission is against the law.

Like what you see? Contact anyone you find on Freesources directly and tell them Pagebeak sent you!

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Diversity Marketing: The Best Stock Photos for Inclusive Imagery

By Regina | Feb 14, 2018

Whether you’re a blogger or marketing agency, you share one common goal: finding the best stock photos. And now that diversity marketing is finally the norm, not the exception, you need royalty-free photography with website-ready inclusive imagery. Well, look no further. In Pagebreak’s royalty-free photography resource, you’ll find photos of diverse global people in stunning settings.…

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The Brand as a Hero’s Journey: Build Customer Loyalty with Authentic Brand Storytelling

By Regina | Dec 13, 2017

Did you know that authentic brand storytelling is more effective than SEO tricks? In fact, research shows that a brand’s mission and backstory motivate consumers more than advertisements. Millennials, in particular, often turn to social media, website About pages, or blogs to see if you’re “legit”. How can you build customer loyalty if your brand sounds generic? To create…

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Website Security The Best Way to Block Hackers

WordPress Website Security: Block Hackers and Scrapers

By Regina | Jun 2, 2017

As technology increases, so does Cyber Crime. The result is hacked elections, credit card breaches, and plenty of downed websites. But can you block hackers and content scrapers without breaking the bank? This step-by-step WordPress website security guide shows you how. In it, you’ll learn easy ways to: Protect e-commerce transactions Secure passive income websites Stop content scrapers from duplicating…

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