Convert Word docs to PDFs with clickable URL links plus!

Clients often ask me how to add downloadable, printable PDFs to their websites, so this blog includes an easy how-to video. But first, you’ll need to know how to convert Word docs to PDFs, while keeping the clickable URL links LIVE. That’s right — if you thought you needed to buy software to do that, you were misguided!

Hat Tip to the lovely Lise Cartwright for her article about it. Because I know you’re short on time, here’s the TL;DR version of that in 6 easy steps!

Convert Word docs to PDFs with clickable URL links:

  1. Email the Word or Pages document to your Gmail email account
  2. Don’t download your document; rather open it in Google Docs
  3.  MANUALLY test all the hyperlinks to see they are working – including your header or footer links
  4. Check and re-do any formatting changes that may have occurred
  5. Click on ‘File’ from within Google Docs (not your web browser) and choose ‘Download as’  PDF document
  6. Google will then convert your Google Doc to a PDF, with ALL links functional and live

Now for the quick how-to video to add downloadable PDFs to WordPress sites!

This shows step-by-step how to add downloadable, printable PDFs (with live URLs!) to your WordPress site. Thanks for reading and watching! Contact me anytime if you need help with your social media, copywriting, or WordPress sites.

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